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In Conquest of the Sorcerer's Kings players will play as a powerful magus that wants to conquer many different types of universe that contains mana you decided to go and warp into the no man land, encountering another magus with similar goal you decided to destroy his origin and take control of their dimension.

Gold & Mana:

The gold and mana can be used to build infrastructure around your castle, giving you bonus resources instead of just the usual amount after one turn. There are buildings that can attack the enemy’s buildings, to lower their resources to point where you can lower their castle integrity which is their permanent health.  

Buildings & Legendary Buildings:

Building infrastructures will also not only benefit the creator’s stand point of basic resource, it will also be provided as a basic barrier that can force the opponent to reconfigure their plans of movement.

Having mana is one of the main ways to work around defeating your enemies castle faster as it would be one of the prominent ways to deal damage outside of infrastructures. There are only 2 infrastructures that can deal damage to the opponent player’s building and castle, first one is the normal building which have a range of 5 and will attack the closest building or castle first, Second building will be the legendary building which would have no set range and will attack anything that is close to the tower itself.

Legendary buildings are buildings but on a higher grade that possess a better effect comparing to the other buildings, however they cost more and take more time to build. Players may only build 1 of the 3 legendary buildings, once a legendary building has been built other players may not build a legendary building of that same type. The three legendary buildings are:

  • Arcanium
  • Dragon Tower
  • Wayshrine (Restoration)

Elemental effects on board:

The location of the castle is important towards the game aspect as it gives the castle the elemental attribute of the given location. An example of this would be if the castle is located in an ocean area, it would give the castle the addition of the water element which also gives the benefit towards the water spells the player would use. E.g. Castle is in a water area and casts a normal water spell, not only does the water spell does what it says on the card, it will do an additional effect of healing a building for 3 health as long as the casted spell is water while the building is on water. If the building is in another location instead of water and decided to heal a building in the water location, it would not give any additional benefit of extra healing due to the building being on another elemental tile that isn’t water.

Elemental benefits are given to the castle will be:

  • Cast Water spell while castle is in a water area will lead to extra healing of 3 health to any building.
  • Cast Fire spell while castle is in a fire area will lead extra damage of 3 damage to any building.
  • Cast Earth spell while castle is in a earth area (Mountains) will lead to decreasing the integrity time needed to a building by 3.
  • Cast Wind Spell while castle is in a Forest area will lead to increasing the integrity time needed to a building by 3.

After you play please kindly feel out this feedback form to help us improve your experience. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeR0I3cOyyvImAnns5WBzE0cL5GATlogQitt_nplxWTXz2ROg/viewform?usp=sf_link



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StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
PublisherExotic Deer Arts
Release date Mar 07, 2019
AuthorsExotic Deer Arts, Rahil-UI, Ahmes, MODriscoll55
GenreAction, Strategy
Tags2p, Board Game, Fantasy

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